Code 3 M180

  • Delivers off-angle protection with 180 degree warning light
  • Provides flexibility with multiple mounting options, a low profile and narrow shape
  • Offers multicolor with multiple flash patterns, full steady burn in white and can be synchronized with other Code 3 products on the vehicle
  • Single color center section LEDs in blue, red, amber, white, green
  • Multicolor center section amber/white, blue/white, red/blue, red/white, blue/amber, and red/amber
  • Custom brackets for all pursuit vehicles are available for under the side mirror, front of side mirror, and side window mounting
  • Over 30 brackets are available to allow mounting throughout the vehicle on pushbumpers, license plates and more
  • Bezels, and rear mounting holes are compatible with Code 3’s MR6 light
  • 29 single color flash patterns
  • 69 multicolor flash patterns
  • Syncs with Chase, MR6, and Mega Thin LEDs